Mission and Outcomes Statements


The mission of the public relations program is to prepare students for a multi-faceted, protean profession that draws upon expertise in a variety of disciplines and integrates them with the skills and values of public relations. We recognize that many career titles fall under the umbrella of public relations. Therefore, we seek to make students aware of the wide variety of professional and academic opportunities available and to recognize the increasingly global application of their knowledge and skills. Through a program that builds toward increasingly difficult and complex assignments, including the internship and culminating in the capstone experience, we hope to empower students through their education to have the courage and confidence to become leaders in their professions. 


In keeping with our mission, the goals we set for our students are as follows:

To make ethical decisions
To understand multiple audiences
To identify problems and opportunities
To listen effectively
To speak persuasively
To write clearly in a variety of styles
To conduct thorough and focused research
To develop strategical and tactical skills
To carry out extensive work with little supervision
To work productively with others
To cultivate global awareness
To respect cultural, racial, and gender differences
To demonstrate confidence with contradictions, complexities, and ambiguities
To prepare to be the one, clear voice