Kathy Koop 1973-2010



    This exhibition and the accompanying catalogue represent the essence of community spirit.  Many devoted souls gave of their time and energy to this project in support of Westminster College’s strong liberal arts tradition.  This is a gift from all of us to you, the audience.


     The work itself was produced during my 37 year tenure at Westminster College, working primarily with clay, but the last 10 years focused on greenwood construction (i.e. rustic furniture).  The diversity of the work is usually the biggest surprise for most people.  But the varieties of the many series presented are all inter-connected, like the maze of underground root systems.  All the series reflect an evolution of both technical and aesthetic concerns.  The challenge to explore multiple problem solving solutions stimulated my curiosity and maintained long term interest in each series (ranging from 2 – 15+ years).  Individual series concluded when satisfying consistent results became predictable.  I find creative joy in the journey of discovery, the unknown path, and the hidden root.  The most difficult transition for me has always been the space between ending one series and struggling inventively to locate the next major root system.  Finding myself in that situation once again, I wonder:  “What will come next?”  Only time can reveal that mysterious secret!


     Enjoy the exhibition.  It is an extraordinary privilege to share this work with you.

Kathy Koop

February, 2010

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