Political Science Department


Edward S. Cohen, James C. Rhoads

Associate Professors:

Michael E. Aleprete, Shannon I. Smithey


Mary P. Pitman

Degree Offered:

Bachelor of Arts

Major Programs:

Political Science

Interdisciplinary Programs:

International Studies

Minor Programs:

Political Science

Teacher Certification:

Social Studies

Pre-Professional Programs:

Pre-Law Program

The program in political science is designed to provide the student with a knowledge of political theory, of the American political system, of the political systems of other areas of the world, and of international politics and institutions.

The political science program prepares students for careers in government service, teaching, law, and related professional and graduate study. It also offers electives in support of major programs in other disciplines.

Students planning subsequent enrollment in law school are advised to consult the prelaw adviser. Special programs in international relations and foreign areas can be arranged for students planning careers in the Foreign Service of the United States, in international organizations, or in education.

Westminster students may enroll in the Washington Semester program of governmental study in Washington, D.C., at American University, or in other approved off-campus programs.

Westminster students may make use of internships in law offices or government agencies.

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