Physical Education Department


Rob Klamut, Tammy L. Swearingen

Adjunct Faculty:

Scott B. Camerlo, Christina M. Hayes, Patricia M. Shears

The primary goal of the Department of Physical Education is to be a driving force in the pursuit of fitness and the knowledge of its importance. The role of physical education during the past several decades has become increasingly important as social awareness of physical appearance, physiological fitness, and mental well-being have come to the forefront. The life expectancy of people has increased significantly and great emphasis is being placed on fitness and vitality as the body and the mind work together.

Therefore, the most important function of physical education is to promote and encourage active participation in a variety of physical activities. These activities will not only afford immediate educational opportunities but encourage students to improve individual skills and competencies that will carry far beyond the present.

The courses offered by the department are designed to broaden the fitness, knowledge, and skills level of students in conjunction with their individual needs and interests. Special emphasis is being placed on fitness and wellness to assist students in generating a more vibrant and energetic lifestyle.

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