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Sports Management Student Attends Pennsylvania Sports Business Conference

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Posted on Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Junior sports management and business major Travis Lauster attended the Pennsylvania Sports Business Conference at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania on April 18-20.

The conference focused on “Conquering the Challenges of the Future.” Speakers from professional sports, collegiate athletics, the sporting goods industry, the health and fitness industry and other areas of sports management presented on a variety of related topics.

While there, Lauster opened his eyes to the different opportunities the industry offers.

“After this conference, I learned that there are other ways to enter the sports world, such as through sales or marketing for a specific league or team,” Lauster said.

Before, Lauster was hoping to pursue a career in athletic directing or in professional sports management. However, after learning about the different branches within the field, Lauster discovered there are many routes he may be able to take his career in the future.

Lauster also learned the tricks to networking within the sports management industry, and tips were offered by keynote speakers.

“Another way this event promoted my career interest in the sports field was the amount of connections available,” explained Lauster. "A common phrase was that ‘everybody knows everybody in the world of sports.'"

The conference further verified Lauster’s love for his future career and allowed him to hear from working professionals the barriers to entering the industry and advice for doing so.

Written by Megan Simpson