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Humans of Westminster: Meet Andrew '19

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Posted on Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Gone Fishin’

I have made some special friendships that will most certainly last for years to come. If you ask anyone that knows me what my passion is they’ll most certainly say fishing. If anything, the people here at Westminster have made my passion for fishing stronger. Two of my best friends on campus happen to be avid fisherman, themselves. Over the years together we have spent countless hours on the stream helping each other improve and master our craft. Therefore, as a commuter for my first 2 years who is now staying on campus this year, I can say that there are definitely ways that Westminster makes you feel like you belong here even compared to your own home. Just having this big interconnected web of people you know makes you always feel like you belong, because you do.

Andrew Kearney is a junior environmental science major.