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Humans of Westminster: Meet Abby

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Posted on Friday, April 21, 2017

There's No Place Like Home

I never understood why people went to college and began calling that place ‘home’ until I came to Westminster. As soon as you leave, you always want to come right back. From the ringing bells, beautiful buildings, Brittain Lake and tailgating with friends, family and alumni on Saturday afternoons for football games, there is no place like Mother Fair. I believe there is a reason we have such great support from our alumni, and it is because we all have a common love for this small town community in Western Pennsylvania. I am thankful for the life-long friendships I have made with students, teammates and faculty members.  I am also very thankful that this will always be a ‘home’ for me to come back to.

Abby Rinard is a senior psychology major.