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Westminster College Redesigning Media Art Program

Posted on Thursday, February 28, 2013

NEW WILMINGTON, Pa. - Westminster College's Media Art program will undergo a significant program redesign in the 2013-14 academic year.

The redesign consists of a new program name (Media Art + Design), all new curriculum, new facilities, computers, software and equipment. The new Media Art + Design curriculum now includes studies in graphic design, advertising, digital photography, digital video and digital filmmaking. In addition to the name change the new Media Art + Design program has a new logo and identity. Along with the logo, a new graphic identity will be reflected in graphics used in the newly renovated labs and studios.

Courses in the redesigned program include: design principles and practices, digital photography and imaging, history of design and advertising, corporate design and branding, digital video and cinema: pre-production, production (directing/cinematography), post-production (editing), 2D: motion graphics and visual effects, 3D modeling and animation, web design, and more.

"This modern, new curriculum infused with the latest technology is designed to give students a wide range of experiential learning in visual design, advertising, digital video, digital photography and digital filmmaking used in today's communications," said Kurt R. Roscoe, assistant professor of Media Art + Design.

Roscoe has been a practicing graphic designer and art director since 1991. He has a diverse background in design, having worked for several design firms and advertising agencies in northeastern Ohio. In 2001 he established Kurt Roscoe Design (KRD) and offers design, advertising, photography and video production services for local, national and international clients. He has earned awards in design and typography including several ADDY awards.

The Media Art + Design program will be part of the Department of Communication Studies, Theatre, and Art. The department currently provides experience in broadcast communication and digital media, fine art, broadcast journalism, sports remotes, live theater, set design, best practices in public speaking, social media, business communications, team building and working with small groups or big organizations, and so much more.

Contact Roscoe at (724) 946-7237, email or visit for additional information.