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Strategic Plan 2010-2020

A message from President Dorman

Westminster College's new Strategic Plan succinctly and proactively responds to emerging conditions that are diminishing higher education nationwide. Our Plan is not only a statement of institutional vision, but a comment on what we think higher education should be doing to return America once more to its place as a world leader in higher education.

First, it reaffirms the relationship between the teacher and the student in an age of increasing depersonalization in undergraduate education. Second, it elevates the call for academic rigor in response to a growing national market for quick degrees focused primarily on vocationalism. Third, it reinforces our commitment to keep a high-quality, private education affordable in an age of unacceptable cost increases at the college level nationally. And finally, it recognizes our need to maintain a campus learning environment that meets contemporary student learning needs without adding to the financial burden of those who use it.

These are big, strategic ideas and we are excited about rolling up our sleeves to achieve the 39 Key Goals in the Plan to meet these four broad Initiatives."

~ Richard H. Dorman, D.Ed.
Westminster College President


Summary Statement of Purpose

The Mission of Westminster College is "to help men and women develop competencies, commitments, and characteristics which have distinguished human beings at their best." Fulfillment of this mission over the next decade shall be accomplished through the adoption and realization of the following four institutional Initiatives. 39 Key Goals support these Initiatives; the Key Goals for each Initiative can be accessed by clicking on the Initiative's title.



The Initiative to Support Our People

"The Westminster Way" shall define the College's culture among and between campus constituencies and shall reinforce our commitment to a "winning tradition" across all endeavors of the College in accordance with our Mission Statement.

WE BELIEVE that Westminster College is an outstanding place to learn, teach, work, and live. Among campus constituents, exceptionally high levels of interpersonal caring, respect, collaboration, and collegiality exist. Yet we challenge and support one another to constantly improve in order to elevate further Westminster as among America's best colleges. This institutional "ethos" must be preserved and nurtured for it represents a key defining feature of the College. This Initiative reinforces the importance of this culture and defines goals to preserve and nurture it as one of our great institutional strengths.


The Initiative to Enhance Our Reputation

The academic reputation of Westminster College shall be elevated through enhanced programming for faculty development, student scholarship, improved external collaboration and outreach, and a commitment to supplementing our liberal arts mission with experiential educational opportunities.

WE BELIEVE that the quality of education provided is directly related to the quality of faculty providing it. It is important for Westminster faculty to maintain currency in their discipline, enthusiasm about what they teach, expertise in their instructional skills, and dedication to the intellectual development of every student in class. Faculty must also seek ways to involve students in scholarly activities and share their intellectual and instructional efforts externally for the purpose of reinforcing the institution's role as an important intellectual and societal resource. WE ALSO BELIEVE in the importance of applied learning, whereby classroom instruction can be augmented through real-world experiences implemented across the curriculum.


The Initiative to Remain Affordable

Westminster College shall remain a high-value liberal arts college, providing recognized excellence in undergraduate education at a competitive price.

WE BELIEVE that a high-quality, private, liberal arts education should be available at a reasonable cost to those desiring such an education. Research on the impact of college on students has repeatedly and conclusively demonstrated that the strongest intellectual and social development of students occurs at smaller, private, liberal arts colleges. The cost of such colleges, however, is rapidly exceeding family affordability. Westminster College shall position itself as an affordable choice while maintaining a commitment to educational excellence and exceptional student outcomes.


The Initiative to Improve Our Campus

Westminster College shall further develop its campus infrastructure to effectively meet the learning and living requirements of the 21st-century college student.

WE BELIEVE that a college should provide facilities and services that effectively meet the contemporary learning and living needs of the campus community without placing undue financial burdens upon the institution. In order to maintain an affordable cost, we seek a highly functional and attractive campus environment through the thoughtful acquisition and allocation of precious resources. This Initiative recognizes that the outstanding campus improvement efforts over past years need to be expanded to realize a contemporary standard in our infrastructure.

Through completion of these Initiatives we seek to provide our students with an intellectual, interpersonal, experiential, spiritual and financial advantage in their higher education preparation. "Advantage: Westminster" represents our collective commitment to ensure that Westminster graduates reflect the goals of our Mission Statement.

The development of the individual is the primary purpose of Westminster. This can best be accomplished through a shared concrete commitment to excellence as that sought in this Strategic Plan. Our direction for the next decade focuses on people and programs to effect the enhancements we seek to our educational offerings. It is our hope that the benefits derived from the successful completion of the Initiatives outlined herein shall forever positively impact the lives of those to whom we dedicate our daily efforts: the student.