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Campus Dining

We are working with Sodexo, our dining partner, to provide food services that are compliant with health and safety regulations. Seating in Galbreath Dining and the TUB Food Dining has been redesigned to allow for 6-foot physical distancing and appropriate spacing for guests in line for food will be indicated on the floors. Also, dining hours will be adjusted to accommodate the new daily schedule, which has classes meeting on MWF at 11:40 a.m.

Galbreath Dining

There will be no self-serve food in Galbreath Dining Hall. All utensils, plates and cups will be disposable. All condiments will be individually packaged. All Titan card swiping will be done by the individual cardholder.

TUB Food Court

There will be no unpackaged self-serve food in the TUB Food Court. Food may be ordered at kiosks to reduce the number of guests in lines. A mobile app will be available so you may order ahead for pickup. TUB seating has been redesigned to allow for 6-foot physical distancing.