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Information for Visitors

All visitors to campus, including prospective families, contractors, vendors, families of current students, families of employees, alumni, and guest speakers, will be expected to follow all College COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

Anyone who is ill or has symptoms related to COVID-19 should not come to campus.

Wearing Masks

Following the current CDC guidance, the College's policy reflects the COVID-19 community level for Lawrence County, PA. We continue to emphasize the fluid and responsive nature of our policies, which will be updated as we adapt to new or updated federal and state guidelines. 

Please see the main COVID-19 page for current campus level.

Low/Medium Level

Masking is optional, with the following exceptions:

  • Large events or gatherings may require masking - in these instances, this requirement will be communicated in advance.
  • Academic departments or individual faculty members may require students and guests to be masked while inside classrooms or other academic spaces.
  • Individual members of the campus community may require masks in their offices or meeting spaces.

High Level

Masking is required indoors. KN95, N95s, or 3-ply surgical masks are recommended. Masks must completely cover the nose and mouth and fit snugly against the sides of the face without gaps.


Events and Gatherings

College-Sponsored Events and Gatherings

Westminster is concerned about the health and safety of our community and our guests. Crowded settings still present a risk of transmission as they bring together people from different communities. Event planners may require participants to mask regardless of the campus COVID-19 level, and should communicate this in advance of the event. 

Summer Camps, Conferences, and Events Sponsored by External Organizations

All camps, conferences, and external organizations must comply with Westminster’s COVID-19 health and safety protocols. External organizations should comply with their governing bodies and may implement stricter precautions.

Overnight camps hosted by the College must also have plans for quarantining and isolating any person who tests positive for COVID-19 while staying on campus.