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Campus Dining

We worked with Sodexo, our dining partner, to make the campus dining experience as safe as possible, while continuing to provide nutritious and delicious meal options.

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, all utensils, plates and cups will be disposable. Our Green Container program has been put on hold and no personal mugs, cups or water bottles will be permitted at this time.

For 2020-2021 hours of operation for the TUB and Galbreath Dining, please visit our Dining Services page.

*Please note that all dining rooms are closed during the Fall Semester Quiet Phase (November 11-November 25).

masks and physical distancing

In accordance with Westminster’s policy and state and federal guidelines, masks must be worn at all times on campus, including dining rooms. While you don’t have to wear a mask while you are actively eating, diners must wear a mask when entering the TUB or Galbreath, while in service areas and when leaving our locations.

The 6-foot physical distancing protocol has significantly reduced our capacity in both our service areas and dining rooms. We encourage diners to take advantage of to-go options. Although we anticipate service to be as swift as ever, we will limit the number of guests in the service areas at a time:

  • The TUB: 30 guests
  • Galbreath Main: 30 guests
  • Titan Club side of Galbreath: 15 guests

Table and chairs in all dining areas will be arranged to assure a 6-foot distance between all. Please observe our signs and do not move any tables or chairs.

tub food court

Guests will line up along the wall between the Campus Store and booths when entering the TUB Food Court. Remember to distance from others when standing in line.

New TUB Dining App: dishout

To help alleviate congestion in the TUB, Westminster has implemented an online ordering system.

  • Orders can be placed on the Student Link website from your computer or mobile device.
  • Orders can be paid for using Dine Dollars only on the Student Link.
  • Orders can be placed from 10 a.m. – 10 p.m.
  • Pickup information will be sent when your order is received and when your food is ready for pickup.
  • Orders can be picked up at the McKelvey Information Desk from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. Monday – Friday. For all other times, orders can be picked up in the TUB next to the Titan Chef.

Please note this is a new process and changes may occur once the program is in effect.

Ordering Kiosks

Three ordering kiosks are available at the TUB that offer guests the ability to quickly order food and beverages. All three kiosks are located towards the window side of the dining area.

  • Starbucks-only kiosk: You can order Starbucks beverages at this kiosk, located by the column on the west side.
  • Sammies-only kiosk: The opposite column will feature our Sammies kiosk where you can order your favorite sandwich, wrap or sub.
  • Grille, Sammies & Starbucks kiosk: At the third kiosk, located at the end of the booths by the Campus Store, you’ll be able to place your order for The Grille, Sammies and Starbucks.

All orders for Starbucks (beverages), Sammies and The Grille must be placed at a kiosk.

galbreath dining

Guests enter the main Galbreath dining room from the courtyard, coming down the ramp and using the left-hand doors to enter the building. Guests exit through the other doors when leaving, using the steps. There will be no unpackaged self-serve food in the TUB Food Court.

New Galbreath Express

In a hurry and don’t have time to go to the main dining room? Galbreath Express may be your answer. Located in the former Titan Club, you can use one meal swipe and grab a Simply to Go sandwich, wrap or salad; beverage; and accompaniments. (Meal swipes only.)