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Titan Athletics

The athletic teams will comply with NCAA, Presidents’ Athletic Conference (PAC) and Commonwealth guidelines for practice and competition. All teams will compete only against PAC opponents in order to lessen travel and exposure.

Student Athletes

All student athletes will be screened by the athletic trainers prior to daily practice or competitions. Coaches and game officials will also be screened. Physical distancing and cloth face covering policies will be followed, except by players actively participating in practices or competition. Student athletes who are not actively participating, coaches and other staff will be required to wear cloth face coverings. Physical distancing will be maintained during bus travel to and from away games.

Locker Rooms & Fitness Equipment

Locker rooms and equipment will be cleaned periodically during the day. PAC member schools have agreed to comply with hygiene and safety protocols in their facilities as they host competitions.

The equipment in the Walker Center and the Weight Room will be spaced to provide for appropriate physical distancing. Participants will be required to wear cloth face coverings as possible. Now more than ever, a thorough disinfecting of fitness equipment after use is critical.