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Some "Teacher Notes" are no longer available. Please contact us for more details.

Advanced Placement Chemistry Labs

These labs meet objectives of college entrance examination board for AP Chemistry.


Inquiry Based Investigations


Acids and Bases

**Any titration labs can be done with a Vernier Drop Counter as well as the traditional method.**


Atomic Structure and Periodic Properties


Bonding and Intermolecular Forces


Consumer/Food Chemistry












Nuclear Chemistry




Middle School


General and Miscellaneous

AP Biology


General Biology


Ecology & Environmental Biology


Enzyme Labs


Human Physiology






Middle School


Molecular Biology

Earth Science


Rocks, Fossils and Soil   - rocks, soil, erosion, fossil classification  (LP/Delta) - Grades 2-3

Space - day/night, moon's orbit, seasons, sun, planets, stars/constellations (LP/Delta) - Grades 3-6

Space Camp: 6 activities simulating life in outer space - Grades 3-6

The Incredible Journey: Water cycle activity - Grades 3-6

Rocks, Erosion & Weathering: streak test, weathering, sedimentary/metamorphic, erosion  (LP/Delta) - Grades 4-5

Pollution - Grades 4-6

Recycling Paper - Grades 3-5


Environmental Science

A Stream in a Bucket - Grades 4-8

Stream Study Worksheet - Grades 3-8

Transpiration with  Calculators - Grades 6-8

Air: properies of air, pressure, Bernoulli's principle  (LP/Delta) - Grades 1-2

Mirror Magic:  reflection activities - Grades 1-6

Metric Olympics Triathalon Activities: - Grades 2-6

Reflection, Diffraction, Refraction:  - Grades 2-6

Sound Vibrations:  properties of sound, frequency, insulators  (Nutshell/Delta) - Grades 2-6

Bubbleology:  Bernoulli's principle, liquid rainbows, bubble technology - Grades 2-6

Matter and Energy:  melting/freezing/evaporation, heat, Periodic Table, atoms, solutions (LP/Delta) - Grades 3-4

Simple Machines with K'Nex - Grades 3-4

Machines and Motion:  force, inclined plane, levers, wheels, pulleys, motion  (LP/Delta) - Grades 3-4

Light:  properties of light, shadows, reflection/refraction, color, energy (LP/Delta) - Grades 3-4

Detective Lab:  fingerprint analysis, handwriting analysis, mystery ink, mystery powder  (Nutshell/Delta) - Grades 3-6

Magnets: Magnetic poles/fields, compass, magnetic force, electromagnet  (LP/Delta) - Grades 4-5

Electricity:  circuits, conductors, switches, parallel/series circuits - Grades 4-6

Newton's Toy Box:  gravity, mass v. weight, Law 1, Law 2, Law3, kinetic/potential energy (DSM/Delta) - Grades 5-6+

Density and Buoyancy


Life Science

How to Use a Simple Compound Microscope - Grades K-8

Glogerm -Germs and proper handwashing - Grades K-6

Couch Potato Olympics - Pen click a thon and the grabber - Grades K-6

Smell, Taste, Touch - Grades 3-6

The Enormous 'E'- Introduction to microscope and it's use - Grades 3-6

Taste Experiment-Tongue Mapping - Grades 2-6

Onion Rings - cell activity with microscopes - Grades 3-6

Human Body: system/tissue, nutrients in food, calories, digestion, circulation, respiration, osmosis, excretion, muscles/bones/joint - Grades 5-6

EKG for Elementary - Grades 5-8


General Science Sites

Some "Teacher Notes" are no longer available. Please contact us for more details.



Nuclear/Atomic Physics






Magnetism and Electricity