Are my outcomes being met?

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The previous stage concludes with students "doing" activities designed to help them achieve learning objectives developed at the "planning" stage. Effectively designed activities generate assessment data that is "checked" at this stage of the assessment cycle.

Checking should occur at both the course and program levels. Instructors check the array of activities students complete to fulfill course requirements. But if checking stops with the individual instructor, then program assessment will necessarily be limited. Effective program assessment requires that participants gather and share data on student achievement of program outcomes. Some of this data may come from assessments not limited to a particular course (such and surveys and competency exams). Other data will come from student performance within the courses that constitute the academic program.

Checking seeks to determine the extent to which students are achieving each outcome. Thus, a global measure of student success, such as a course grade, is not likely to provide sufficient assessment data. Effective course and program evaluation requires that student performance on individual outcomes be reported as specifically as possible.