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Outdoor Recreation Club

The purpose of this organization is to give the students of Westminster College the opportunity to enjoy adventure sports and outdoor activities also to ensure the safety of the students participating in these activities. Members will learn how to function successfully, safely, and with respect toward the environment in which we do these activities. The organization will create an outdoor community on the campus of Westminster College while connecting with the larger outdoor community and to provide management and oversight of the rock climbing wall in partnership with Westminster College. *

# of Members: 22

Cody Michaels
Mailbox: 576
David Starr
Mailbox: 1465
Melissa Baron
Mailbox: 46

Last Updated Wednesday, December 3, 2014

$ - organization requires payment of dues
+ - organization requires maintenance of a determined grade point average
& - organization has a selection process
* - recognized student organization by Student Life and Athletic Council

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