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Sierra Student Coalition

The Sierra Student Coalition is an organization comprised of members of the Westminster community with the objective of collectively working to cultivate positive interaction between the College and the natural world.  The group works to achieve this objective through efforts to increase environmental literacy throughout the campus, community and curriculum; through efforts to encourage appreciation of the environment through direct interaction between the SSC and the natural world; and through efforts to alleviate the impact of the campus and community on the natural cycles that maintain the beauty and habitability of planet Earth.  *

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# of Members: 6

Alex Jordan
Michael McClain
Mailbox: 1081
Helen Boylan Funari
Mailbox: 11

Joseph Balczon
Mailbox: 146

Last Updated Monday, September 29, 2014

$ - organization requires payment of dues
+ - organization requires maintenance of a determined grade point average
& - organization has a selection process
* - recognized student organization by Student Life and Athletic Council

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