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Student Pre-Law Association

The aim of the Westminster Student Pre-Law Association is to provide support and a forum for students interested in attending law school and pursuing a career in the law. The main focus of the group is to provide information concerning options available in a legal career, the process of applying to and choosing a law school, and the kinds of undergraduate coursework and experience that provide the best preparation for law school. Membership is open to any Westminster student (full- or part-time) who has an interest in the legal profession and wishes to become better informed and enhance her/his qualifications for law school. Annual dues are required. $ *

# of Members: 30

Alyssa Huff
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Miranda DeRicco
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Last Updated Tuesday, August 26, 2014

$ - organization requires payment of dues
+ - organization requires maintenance of a determined grade point average
& - organization has a selection process
* - recognized student organization by Student Life and Athletic Council

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