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Kappa Mu Epsilon

Kappa Mu Epsilon's chapter at Westminster (Pennsylvania Alpha chapter) began in 1950. The national organization was designed to further the interest in mathematics in schools that place their primary emphasis on undergraduate programs. Credit requirements include a 3.0 GPA, 3.0 grade point average in math classes, twelve completed math semester hours (including MTH 251), and current enrollment in a further math class. Purposes for the organization include aiding undergraduates in understanding the important role mathematics has played in the development of Western Civilization, providing a society to recognize the outstanding achievement in mathematics study at the undergraduate level, spreading knowledge of mathematics, and familiarizing members with the advances being made in mathematics. $ & * 

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Brittany Erbe
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Stephanie Burkus
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Pamela Richardson
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$ - organization requires payment of dues
+ - organization requires maintenance of a determined grade point average
& - organization has a selection process
* - recognized student organization by Student Life and Athletic Council

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