Ropes Course Site

Titan Traverse is a RESOURCE to YOU!

Titan Traverse has a ropes course site on Westminster's campus with several low initiatives and a few high elements. We can facilitate your group indoors or outdoors depending on the goals and outcomes that you have for your group. We can also work with groups of any number as we have worked with groups as many as 100 and as few as 5. . Titan Traverse staff and students are trained to provide you with a quality experience that will benefit your group.

Titan Traverse is a FREE resource to all clubs, organizations, athletic teams, and academic classes at Westminster College. Please contact us to schedule an event.

We can offer activities that focus on: Community Development, Leadership, Group Dynamics, Communication, Goal Setting, Problem Solving and many more.

Titan Traverse would be happy to work with you to custom design an experience for your group and the outcomes that you desire.

Rates for non-Westminster Groups to use the Titan Traverse site

  • Team Building - $15 per person
  • Off Campus Full Day Activities such as rock climbing, caving, canoeing, or hiking is $15 per person

Contact us at to schedule a time to work with us.

Pictures of Titan Traverse's Ropes Course Site

The Wall

The Wall allows a group of participants to work together to acheive a goal. The objective is to move the entire group as efficiently as possible up and over the Wall.


King and Queen's Fingers

The object of the King's and Queen's Finger initiative is to move the rings or tires between the "fingers" by using the group to lift and work together.


Spider's Web

This initiative challenges the group to think strategically and work together to move their group from one side of the web to the other without getting caught in the web. 

The ropes course facility has many other elements including: the Whale Watch, Meuse, Islands, and a low ropes section to challenge and give any group an experience that would enrich group dynamics, communication and interaction.