Student Leadership

The Facilitator Training Program is the crown jewel of Titan Traverse. We want students to walk away from Titan Traverse equipped to be effective facilitators who lead from a deep understanding of who they are.  Students in the process of learning in Titan Traverse are the primary focus of the program. One of our core beliefs is that for great program leadership, our student facilitators must know through experience, the depth and life that come from living together as a purposeful group. Our training program and structure are aimed to reflect this belief. Training is designed to equip with skills for leadership and, more importantly, develop rich community among the students involved.  The structure of Titan Traverse allows students to be involved in different ways. 

Facilitators: Students who have demonstrated both skill and character in leading others through adventure activities. Faciliatators are required to attend Titan Traverse training events and also given the opportunity to mentor each other in the training process. Facilitators are often in charge of designing and leading groups, in student leadership roles on trips and are committed to the learning and growth process of effective leadership.   They are required to attend bi-monthly evening meetings and weekly mentor group meetings.

How do I become a student facilitator? In the Fall and Spring we accept applications from students interested in joining.  Those applications can be picked up in the Titan Traverse Office (MCC 252).  From there you will be interviewed by a program director and a current student facilitator and notified of your acceptance in a timely manner.