Attention Juniors!

Eligibility Criteria

Membership is based upon outstanding scholarship, leadership and service.  Members must be at least in the final term of their junior year or have equivalent status.  All members must meet predetermined local scholastic requirements (at least in the upper 15% of the class or have a cummulative GPA of 3.0), and must have demonstrated leadership abilities and service to the university and/or community.
  • A written application is required.
  • Current members will determine by a majority vote the students admitted for the following year.
  • Requirements and selection concur with national policies.

Deadlines and Important Dates

  • Applications due in the spring semester (March).
  • Information regarding applications (where to get them, requirements, application deadline) will be posted as it becomes available.  Please check back with us frequently.
  • Look for a "Meet Mortar-Board" event happening the last week in Februrary.  It is extremely important to attend if you have interest in joining Mortar Board, so you can find out all about us.  We will also discuss expectations of Mortar Board members as well as the benefits accompanying membership.
black cap   ** Even though it is still early, consider whether a dynamic organization like Mortar Board     
        sounds interesting to you.  It is an incredible addition to your senior year.  Take it from us 
        who are enjoying it now as seniors!  Remember though, that deadlines are imperative.  Know that applications received after the 
        due date WILL NOT be considered.  PLAN AHEAD!