"Friendship was the ideal of Kappa Delta, and it grew out of the beautiful friendship of four girls. We felt it could be extended to a large multitude of girls; there was so much of itin our hearts for each other. The friendship young girls have for each other is a very lovely thing, unselfish, pure, very loyal, and brave for the sake of its name, and that is why Kappa Delta has endured, because she sprang from such a pure source." 

                                          --Lenora Ashmore (Blackiston), The Angelos, 1912 

I can remember when Kappa Delta was just a club I belonged to, when knowing the secrets was the biggest thrill, when meetings were endless and the names of sisters were difficult to recall. Now, I consider myself a very important part of the sisterhood. The meanings behind the secrets are such a treasure. Meetings are still endless, but they are a time when I can let my hair down and be myself. I love so many things about my sisters. Everyday it gets more difficult to remember a time when I did not know their names. 
To me, Kappa Delta is first and foremost true sisterhood. It is friends that I can be sure will stick with me through my tough times as well as my good times. Kappa Delta is many different, individual people who work together to do great things and create wonderful lifelong memories. Kappa Delta is friends. 
Kappa Delta is the assurance that no matter what happens your sisters are there for you. 
Kappa Delta is a common bond among a diverse group of people where great friendships grow. 
You learn that you're not going to get along with everyone in the world, but those you do, you cherish forever. Those are true friends and real people. 
Kappa Delta is very special. It is instantly having 60 friends who accept you for who you are and love you unconditionally. Kappa Delta is diverse. Everyone is unique and special, yet we have one thing in common: sisterhood. Through Kappa Delta we have been able to meet great friends that we might not have met otherwise. 
Kappa Delta means having a group of friends who love you just the way you are. It means having a special bond with a group of girls. It means laughter, fun, love, and friendship. 
Kappa Delta sisters are good to have around when you are bored! 
Kappa Delta means so much! The sisters are very special and all the experiences are very positive. 
Kappa Delta is leadership, friendship, trust and don't forget fun! 
It is great knowing that someone is always here- to have fun with, to help, and to give advice and honest suggestions. Kappa Delta is the definition of true sisterhood. 
Kappa Delta means that no matter what happens, the entire sisterhood is behind you. 
Kappa Delta is a home away from home.
I cannot explain in words what Kappa Delta means to me. It is a very special feeling that can only be felt once you let yourself be a part of it all. 
Kappa Delta has given me a chance to meet and become friends with many great people. Also it has allowed me to strengthen my current relationships. 
Kappa Delta are the people that make my heart smile:)
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