Service Projects

The Alpha Alpha Pi chapter organizes and participates in many service projects throughout the year. Here are some of them:

Haunted Bio Trail

Every year around Halloween, Alpha Phi Omega takes over the bio trail to scare the campus for charity. For a small admission fee, people can come and walk the trail. But beware, for at night, all kinds of spooks come out to play and terrify anyone they see. At the end of the trail, guests are treated to a campfire and cookies.



Quad-a-thon is a 24 hour event to raise awareness for homelessness. Brothers and other students on campus can rent a box and camp out on a quad to try and understand what it's like to live without a home. Proceeds go to charity.


Other service projects

Apart from our large-scale projects, our chapter frequently participates in smaller service projects. In 2009, our chapter raised $135 and donated a total 301 inches of hair to Locks of Love. We've also helped the Girl Scouts get badges, visited nursing homes, picked up garbage, helped build roofs, and run a charity concert.

About APO

  • Founded in 1925 at Lafayette College
  • Alpha Alpha Pi Chapter started in 1985
  • Over 17,000 members nationwide