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Weaver's Blogging Guide

When students blog, potential employers could be watching. KEEP YOUR WEBLOG PROFESSIONAL & POLISHED.

You must always think about your audience, no matter how niche it may be. You should also keep ethical and legal issues in mind as well as what makes a good blog worth visiting and credible. Images, graphics and video dress it up, but it will always come back to good, solid writing. That's exactly why you should never post a first draft entry. Edit what you write. Spelling errors and typos tarnish you and your blog. I suggest writing & editing entries with a word processor, then copy and paste into the blog.

Here are more tips I offer my BC Capstone students when it comes to blogging:

Showcase Good Communication Skills

1. Invest time and research into your content.
2. Always attribute!
3. Offer Links!


What you post is public so be ready to stand by it.

1. Never reveal personal, private information.
2. Never blog proprietary or privileged information.
Never disclose company secrets or information shared with you in confidence. Off the record means off the record. Don't even hint about something proprietary or priviledged as it will flag the attention of corporate lawyers who are now in the business of patrolling blogs for such violations.
3. Ask about restrictions or limits on what you can and cannot blog.
4. Be Positive- Showcase your ability to think critically and creatively.
5. Be clear when expressing opinion or comments.
6. Update entries on a regular basis.
7. Entertain and inform your readers

Be Prepared- Avoid Legal Entanglements

1. Be truthful & ethical.
2. Remember libel applies to weblogs.

Other Tips- Read & Comment

1. Read other weblogs. 2. Offer constructive feedback and comments on blogs you visit.

Some places to get started with weblogging: