Tom McMahon

Coordinator of Administrative Applications

My role at the college is in working with the administrative offices and providing software support on the college's Alpha computers. We are currently using the POISE DMS Plus software from Campus America, a leading distributor of Alpha software for the small college environment.

I live in the Mercer area with my wonderful wife Kristi, and our three boys, Timmy (17), Nathan (14), and Jeffrey (7).

I graduated from Chartiers Valley High School in 1973, and received my B.S. from Geneva College in 1977, with majors in Data Processing, Accounting, and Business Administration, and a minor in Management Science.

I have been at Westminster since 1989, after working at two other schools: my alma mater, and the Philadelphia College of Textiles & Science. You might say I enjoy being at college and not having to take any classes!

Some of the things I enjoy most about Westminster are the friendly people I work with, the small town atmosphere (especially after working in Philadelphia), and fishing with my boys in Lake Brittain. (and I mean in - Tim and Nathan have both fallen into the water from off of the dock at least once!)

A few of my interests are: my Christian faith, my wife, my kids, music, weightlifting, hockey, football, watching/coaching/playing with my boys in any sport, my wife's cooking, biking, guitars, motorcycles, Ebay, and ... oh yeah, computers.

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