PE1 -201 Aquatics I
Beginning Swimming is designed for non-swimmers who are afraid of the water.  Individuals who qualify for this course are those who can not swim across the pool. Individuals will learn to float, tread water and swim freestyle, elementary backstroke and backstroke.  Individuals will swim 25 yds.  with proper rhythmic breathing and with out stopping in order to pass the course.

PE1-202  Aquatics II
Intermediate Swimming is designed for those swimmers who are competent in the water.  Individuals will gain a better understanding of the 5 basic strokes and gain additional confidence in the water.  Individuals will be able to swim 200 yds. with proper breathing and with out stopping by the end of the class and demonstrate competent technique in each of the 5 strokes.

PED-302  Adapted Physical Education
This course is designed to provide perspectives for teachers and special  educators in the field of Physical Education.  The student will gain an understanding of working in an Adapted Physical Education setting.  The student will learn to facilitate and enable learning in the least restrictive environment. The Adapted Physical Education course is designed to prepare special education majors with a hands on experience in an active setting.