Dr. Daniel Perttu      

Assistant Professor of Music Theory and  Composition
Coordinator, Music Theory Program


daniel perttu

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Courses Taught
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MUS 121:  Music Theory 1
MUS 121L:  Aural Skills Lab 1
MUS 122:  Music Theory 2
MUS 122L:  Aural Skills Lab 2
MUS 123:  Music Theory 3
MUS 123L:  Aural Skills Lab 3
MUS 124:  Music Theory 4
MUS 124L:  Music Theory 4 Lab
MUS 125:  Form and Analysis
MUS 127:  Counterpoint
MUS 129:  Seminar in Music Theory (topics included the Psychology of Music)
MUS 368 and 379:  Composition Lessons
MUS 601:  Capstone Recital