Integration, Differential Equations, and Approximation 21-122

Summer 2006
MTWRF 10:30-11:50
SH 214

Problem Session Every Thursday 3:30-4:30 Wean 6423

Instructor: David Offner
Email: doffner AT andrew DOT cmu DOT edu
Office Hours: MTWR 12:30-1:30, ppb 342

TA: Alex Rand
Email: arand AT andrew DOT cmu DOT edu
Office Hours: MTW 3:30-4:30, ppb 342

directions to ppb 342

syllabus (summer 2) (pdf) (ps)
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* Good advice on how to write solutions to math problems
* The website of the course textbook
* An applet for calculating Riemann Sums
* More applets and more applets
* Mathematical Sciences at CMU

Monday, 7/3
Integration by Parts
Stewart, 7.1
Tuesday, 7/4
No Class
the declaration
Wednesday, 7/5
Trig Integration and Trig Substitution
Stewart, 7.2, 7.3
Thursday, 7/6
Trig Substitution and Partial Fractions
Stewart, 7.3, 7.4
Friday, 7/7
Partial Fractions and Quiz
Stewart, 7.4
Monday, 7/10
Approximate Integration
Stewart, 7.7
Tuesday, 7/11
Improper Integrals
Stewart, 7.8
Wednesday, 7/12
Arc Length and Surface Area
Stewart, 8.1, 8.2
Thursday, 7/13
Applications of Integration and Review

Friday 7/14
Test 1

Monday, 7/17
Sequences and Series
Stewart, 11.1, 11.2
Tuesday, 7/18
Examples of Series and the Integral Test
Stewart, 11.2, 11.3
harmonic series calculator
Wednesday, 7/19
Comparison Test, Limit Comparison Test Stewart, 11.4
Thursday, 7/20 Alternating Series
Stewart, 11.5
Friday, 7/21
Ratio and Root Tests, Quiz
Stewart, 11.6
Monday, 7/24
Power Series
Stewart, 11.8
Tuesday, 7/25
Functions as Power Series
Stewart, 11.9
Wednesday, 7/26
Taylor Series
Stewart, 11.10
Thursday, 7/27
Taylor Series and Review
Stewart, 11.10
Friday, 7/28
Test 2

Monday, 7/31 Differential Equations
Separable Diff. Eq's
Stewart, 9.1, 9.3
Tuesday, 8/1
Applications, Exponential Growth & Decay
Linear Diff. Eq's
Stewart, 9.4, 9.6
Wednesday, 8/2
Linear Diff. Eq's
Stewart, 9.6
Thursday, 8/3
Direction Fields and Euler's Method
Predator-Prey Systems
Stewart, 9.2, 9.7
making direction fields
Friday, 8/4

Monday, 8/7
Second Order Differential Equations
Stewart, 17.1
Tuesday, 8/8
More Second Order Diff. Eq's
Stewart, 17.2
Wednesday, 8/9
Applications of 2nd Order Diff. Eq's
Stewart, 17.3
Thursday, 8/10
Power Series Solutions to Diff. Eq's
Stewart 17.4
Friday, 8/11
Test 3

Week 0:

Monday, 6/26
Introduction: Derivatives, Integrals, and FTC
Stewart, 2.1-5.3
Tuesday, 6/27
Riemann Sums and Concepts of Integration
Stewart, 5.1, 5.2
Handout (pdf) (ps)
Wednesday, 6/28
Trigonometric functions
Stewart, Appendix D
Thursday, 6/29
Integration by substitution, definition of ln
Stewart, 5.4-5.6
Friday, 6/30