David Offner

Assistant Professor, Westminster College
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science


Contact Information
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Westminster College
New Wilmington, PA  16172
Office: Hoyt 154
Phone: 724-946-7293
Fax: 724-946-7158
Email: offn...@westminster.edu
Much more information is available on my CV.

I am a 2009-10 Project NExT fellow. Click here for some slides from a panel on pre-tenure materials I co-organized at MathFest 2010.

Resources for Undergraduates

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Some of my teaching files from CMU are here.

Research publications
I study extremal combinatorics.  In particular, I have been studying extremal problems on the hypercube.
Here are some of my results.

Turán type problems on the hypercube:
Polychromatic colorings of subcubes of the hypercube, SIAM J. Discrete Math. Vol. 22, No. 2 (2008), pp. 450–454. (preprint)
Some Turán type results on the hypercube, Discrete Math. Vol. 309, No. 9 (2009), pp. 2905-2912. (preprint)
Turán type problems and polychromatic colorings on the hypercube (ppt slides)
(pdf slides)

Packing the hypercube, Discussiones Mathematicae Graph Theory, to appear.
Variations of Cops and Robber on the hypercube (with Kerry Ojakian), submitted.

Counting Matrices Over a Finite Field With All Eigenvalues in the Field (with Lisa Kaylor), submitted.

Other publications
Here is a solution to a problem by Donald Knuth (with John Bonomo):
Solution to Problem 1868, Math. Magazine, Vol. 85, No. 2, April 2012, pp.154-155.

A book review of Richard Hammack's Book of Proof in MAA Reviews, August 2012.

Undergraduate research supervised:

2009-10: Stephen Donnel, Richard Ligo, and Aaron Zavora, The search for extremal graphs. Their talk (ppt slides) (pdf slides) won an MAA Outstanding Presentation Award at MathFest 2010.

2010-11: Greg Clark, Tilings: Properties and periodicity. Slides (ppt) (pdf). Greg's poster won the First Year Student Research Prize at the Westminster Undergraduate Research and Arts Celebration..

2010-11: Jenna Huston, Friendly partitions of graphs. Slides (ppt) (pdf)

2012-13: Lisa Kaylor, Counting Matrices Over a Finite Field With All Eigenvalues in the Field.