Biographical Sketch

Mrs. Delores (Dee) Natale    Lecturer of Public Relations  

Department of English and Public Relations



Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations - Westminster College
Master’s Degree in Education, Concentration in English - Westminster College

Work Experience

Thirty years experience in public relations, management and business administration in the health care, banking and fitness industries.

Teaching Experience 
Westminster College since 2001

                                               Upcoming Courses

Fall 2010

PR 202 Advertising

PR 501 Experiential




Spring 2011

PR 302 Research

PR 601 Capstone

ENG 135 Southern Writers


Course Catalog (Includes past and upcoming courses)

PR 101                            Introduction to Public Relations

PR 202                            Public Relations and Advertising        

PR 302                            PR Research                                     

PR 501                            PR Experiential                                    

PR 601                           PR Capstone                                        

WRI 111                        Writing

WRI 201                       Journalism

ENG 135                      Southern Writers                                      

ENG 141/FS 341        The Journalist in Film and Literature


Eudora Welty


Public Relations Society of America, National and Pittsburgh Chapters
Eudora Welty Society
College Media Advisers Association

Conference Presentations

Far West Popular Culture Association (2007, 2008, 2009)
Eudora Welty Conferences ( 2005, 2006, 2009)

Campus Service

Student Publications Board
Service Learning Fellow
Adviser, Holcad (student newspaper)

NOTE:  Mrs. Natale is currently working on a long range plan for revitalization of Cascade Park in New Castle.  The Spring 2010 PR Research class recently completed a comprehensive community survey which will be used as a springboard for the Fall 2010 PR Experiential class project.

PR 302 Research Class at Cascade Park, Spring 2009


Outdoor activities including biking and swimming
Aerobics and Zumba
Writing poetry and short stories


Husband – Frank
Two sons and four grandchildren

Favorite Quote: 

  "The responsibility of tolerance lies with those who have the wider vision."  Eliot

download syllabus  PR 202 Advertising 2009

Office Hours

Fall 2010

Tuesday & Thursday: 2-3 p.m.