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Bible & Religion




Caveat: I cannot guarantee the quality of information contained in all of the links listed below. Be prudent in your use of these resources. Please ask me to examine the sites about which you're not sure.


Before consulting these and other resources look in the course books for a bibliography (or bibliographies), usually found at the end of the book or sometimes at the end of a chapter or section. Check also the footnotes or endnotes for significant sources.


> = Resources in McGill library
# = Resources in our AV Department




Bible & Religion   Inquiry Miscellaneous

Videos in our AV Department: search under "Religion" (subject) in the catalog.


Early Christian Writings (good collection of primary & secondary sources)

Bible (for videos, search under "Bible" (subject) in the AV catalog)


The Anchor Bible Dictionary


Encyclopaedia Judaica


Harper’s Bible Dictionary


The Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible


Oxford Bible Atlas (very helpful for map assignments)

Additional study aids

Biblical & extra-biblical texts
Bible Gateway (basic Bible study tools)
Bible research tools (links & reviews for many resources)

Biblical Studies (great resources in abundance!)

The NET Bible (electronic Bible, lots of resources)

Bible Study Tools

Study Bible (electronic Bible, lots of notes & commentaries)

Bible Software: word searches in many versions (including foreign languages); free downloads

Bible Tutor (great for review & exploration)


Video: "The Bible as Western Culture" in our AV Department (6 tapes; see esp. tapes 1-3).

R-drive: "NOAB" in the "Religion" folder (New Oxford Annotated Bible, quick search function [concordance], excellent map program)

Bible Places (pictorial library)

Nicene Creed & Apostles' Creed (with historical notes)

Contradictions in the Bible & Responses


Old Testament / Hebrew Bible

Ancient Near East (texts, quizzes, chronology)

OT Gateway (great resources)


Video: "The Bible as Literature" in our AV Department (2 tapes).


New Testament


Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels


Dictionary of Paul and His Letters


Exegetical Dictionary of the New Testament


Synopsis of the Four Gospels (see also the Greek-English version)

The NT Gateway (great resources for NT + much more; best site of this kind)

Synopsis (canonical Gospels + much more)

Synoptic Gospels (in English; see "Sample Synopsis" at bottom)

Synoptic Gospels (in English; M & Q)

Synoptic Gospels (in Greek)



From Jesus to Christ (PBS program on historical Jesus--amazing site full of info; videos in AV)

Jesus and Superman (comparison of 2 myths)

The Search for Jesus (Q & A on Jesus; lots of resources; ask contemporary scholars your Qs)

Jesus Seminar forum (Rutgers University)

Westar Institute (home of Jesus Seminar)



Early Jewish Writings (great primary sources)

Early Christian Writings (great primary sources)



The Greeks (amazing interactive learning site)

Ancient History (great info & links; try links for Socrates, Alexander, Caesar & Jesus)

The Roman Empire (texts, quizzes, chronology)

The Gospel of Thomas (in English)



Theology & Worship


Westminster Dictionary of Theological Terms

> The New Westminster Dictionary of Liturgy and Worship
Catechism of the Catholic Church (full text)
CRTA (Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics)
Reformed distinctives (PDF) ("Essential Tenets and Reformed Distinctives")
Augustine of Hippo (great resources for Augustine research)
Calvin: The Institutes of the Christian Religion (old translation)
PC(USA) Creeds and Confessions

Faith & Religion


The Encyclopedia of Religion

Lewis, C. S., Mere Christianity (simple yet profound exposition of Christianity)
Christian History Tutor (great for review & exploration)

American Atheists (official Web site for this national organization)

Exploring Religions (Intro to Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism)

Faith & Reason (PBS program: genetics, evolution, cosmology, technology)




Inquiry Bible & Religion Miscellaneous


Inquiry 111

Plato's works


Inquiry 101

Faith & Reason (PBS program: genetics, evolution, cosmology, technology)


Inquiry 102

Locke (& Hobbes)

Population count



Et cetera

Inquiry stuff (universe, microscopy, Malthus)

Earth from space




Miscellaneous Bible & Religion   Inquiry



Dushkin Online (tips for college students)


Elements of Style (Strunk's first edition; full of writing tips)


English Matters (Kang Na's collection of common mistakes in English)


The Grammar Lady


Ultimate Style: the Rules of Writing (very practical A–Z list; lots of good examples)


Refdesk (great source of facts & info)


Writing research papers (MLA)


Wikipedia (the brave new world of encyclopedia; read the "Disclaimer")

  CGFA (virtual art museum)


Bible & Religion



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