FYI: The legendary names for the Magi who came to Bethlehem are Gaspar, Melchior, and Balthasar.

Christmas Quiz

Choose the correct answer(s) and provide Bible references wherever possible.
1. Which Gospel provides Jesus’ genealogy?

a. Matthew
c. Mark
e. Luke
b. John
d. none
(Bonus: Which one begins with a genealogy?)
2. The Gospel that does not have a birth narrative is

a. Matthew
c. Mark
e. Luke
b. John
d. none
3. Jesus was born

a. In a house
c. Perhaps in a stable
e. New Wilmington, PA
b. Nowhere physical or material
d. “House of Bread”
4. Jesus’ grandfather’s name is

a. Jacob
c. Kris Kringle
b. Heli
d. Mr. Claus
5. How was Joseph after finding out that Mary was pregnant?

a. Planned to dismiss her
c. Apparently upset but thoughtful of Mary
b. We’re not told
d. What pregnancy?
6. In the story of Jesus’ birth an angel visited

a. Mary
c. Shepherds
b. Joseph
d. Wise men
7. How many magi came to visit the newborn Jesus

a. At least two
c. Four
b. Three
d. No magi came to visit
8. Jesus’ genealogy is traced back to

a. Abraham
c. Santa Claus
b. Abel
d. God
9. Who were there at the scene of Jesus’ birth?

a. Wise men
c. Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer
b. Shepherds
d. Santa
10. Jesus existed before his birth.

a. True b. False