Synoptics & John: 2 Traditions about Jesus
The Synoptic Gospels (Mk, Mt, Lk)
The Gospel according to John
begins with human Jesus (e.g., birth, childhood, baptism) begins before creation (no birth or childhood stories)
J is baptised by John J's baptism is presupposed but not mentioned
J speaks in parables & aphorisms J speaks in long, involved discourses
J is a sage J is a philosopher & mystic
J is an exorcist J performs no exorcisms
J teaches about God's rule/kingdom (Kingdom of God, Kingdom of Heaven) J teaches about himself ("I am . . .")
J has little to say about himself J reflects extensively on his own mission & person
J espouses the causes of the poor & oppressed J has little or nothing to say about the poor & oppressed
J's public ministry lasts ca. 1 year J's public ministry lasts ca. 3 years
Temple incident happens late in ministry Temple incident happens early in ministry
J eats last supper with his disciples Foot-washing replaces last supper