Shapiro: Liberal Education, Moral Education



What did or do you expect from a liberal arts education (or college in general)?


What’s “liberal” about it? (Discuss in the light of Plato’s metaphor of imprisonment and enlightenment/freedom.)


What do we mean by “arts”? (This will be interesting in the light of Newman’s convictions about utility v. self-rewarding joy.)


What does “education” mean? Meaning of the word? What's your idea of education? Your ideal teacher? Ideal student? What's your evaluation of the education you’ve received thus far (e.g., pre-birth–12th grade)? (Discuss in the light of the Socratic method of e-ducating by leading out of the students that which the students already possess as opposed to “leading them out” by pouring knowledge into them. See Plato)


Were your high schools effective in preparing you for liberal arts education? If so, how? If not, how?


Would you not prefer a place where you can learn practical skills or “art” of a particular kind (e.g., vocational school or trade school, technical school or institute [e.g., MIT], music conservatory, welding school)? Why or why not?