Rel 312: Midterm for spring 2006

The midterm exam will take ca. 30 minutes.


1) 8 terms (40%; definitions and terms list will be provided)
2) 3 short-answer Qs (60%; you may be given some options to choose; more details, the better)

For review

Materials covered from through 2 Mar:





highlighted terms on R-drive


Sample Questions you should be ready to answer:


1) Discuss the hermeneutical aspects of allegory. Include in your answer the concept of the verbum interius.


2) Discuss the concept of the hermeneutical circle with regard to grammatical hermeneutics and psychological hermeneutics.


3) According to Schleiermacher, what is hermeneutics? What are its goals? What is the nature and role of language?


4) In what ways does Schleiermacher's general hermeneutics change the course of previous hermeneutics (i.e., "special hermeneutics")?


5) Bring as much of your knowledge of hermeneutics thus far in analyzing a scenario


6) According to Meier (Grondin, 2.3), "every author is . . . the best interpreter of his own words." Compare this to Schleiermacher's notion of "understanding an author better than himself." What do each mean?


sort of 7) Sadistically advanced one (maybe for the final exam): Discuss the concepts of Weltanschauung and Zusammenhang and how they relate to philosophical hermeneutics.