REL 301: Quiz 2


1) Terms (50%): identify 10 of 12 terms for which a brief description will be given (a list of all the terms will be provided)


2) Short-answer questions (50%): short-answer questions (more details the better; focus on being able to discuss the main issues covered so far)



For review:

Quiz 1 (see R-drive for a copy with answers: in MS Word use Tools>Option>View/Display>click Hidden text)

1. Materials covered through week 8:


Gabler: biblical theology (true biblical theology; pure biblical theology) and dogmatic theology


Meyer: faith & history; synthetic judgment, analytic judgment, language game


Hayes & Holladay: know all the criticisms (be able to compare or distinguish)

Brown, M. J.: the rules of thumb & arguments

2. highlighted terms on the R-drive