REL 254: Study Guide 4




How much of Jesus' ministry & teaching do you see reflected in Paul's letters (of course this depends on your knowledge of Jesus' teachings as represented by the Gospel writers & also your knowledge of Paul's lettersówe're aiming at general, overall impressions for now)?


Do we need to know anything about Jesus to understand Paul? Does Paul need Jesus or is he okay with just Christ?


In the Isa & Jer passage discern the way in which the experience of being called to God's service is expressed in language (e.g., the kinds of words & images used to describe the experience).


What are the signals in the passages from Paul that lead us to conjecture that Paul is using traditional materials?


In Roetzel, become aware of as many of the identified strands of tradition that he discerns for us, so that when we actually read Paul we can refer to Roetzel's chapter & identify which kind of tradition Paul exhibits.