Is it true that hair and nails continue to grow after death?


No, they only seem to. What happens is the body dries out after death and the skin recedes from the hair and nails, making it appear as if they are longer. In fact, even though hair is not technically "living," hair and nail cells still need to be nourished by blood in order to grow.


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1) Bible passage ID: identify the book (Rom, 1 Cor) in which a given passage can be found (20%)

2) 10 terms (50%)
3) 2 short-answer Qs (30%)


Materials for 23 Sep through 21 Oct:


Rom & 1Cor


Roetzel, ch. 7


Keck, chs. 1–7


*Ernst Käsemann, "The Faith of Abraham in Romans 4" in Perspectives on Paul, 79–101

*Ernst Käsemann, "Justification and Salvation History in the Epistle to the Romans" in Perspectives on Paul, 60–78


*Heikki Räisänen, "Paul's Conversion and the Development of His View of the Law," New Testament Studies 33 (1987) 404–19

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