REL 253: Study Guide 9

As with every Gospel, review Harris's presentation of Mk & his distinctive themes. (It helps to "empty your cup" of any knowledge of the other Gospels: pretend Mk is the only Gospel you know.)


secrecy motif; “immediately,” suffering Messiah

As you skim, look for the secrecy motif & the suffering Messiah theme; see how many times the word "immediately" is used.

1.115 (esp. vv. 911, 1213, 1415) & ||s

What do you think of the variations you see in the parallel verses?

4.120 (esp. vv. 1113), 3334 & ||s: purpose of parables?

Why does Jesus use parables?

6.16a & ||s: unable or unwilling to do mighty works?

Why couldn't Jesus do miracles in Nazareth? How does the reason given in Matthew differ from the one in Mark? Which is more likely to be the original version? Why?

Review 2-source hypothesis in Harris & Sanders (you might want to review the diagram on p.104).