REL 253: Study Guide 36



What does the word apocalypse mean?


What kinds of stuff is there a lot of in Rev?


What is distinctive about Rev?


What are some main concerns?


How are evil forces portrayed? How is Jesus portrayed? What picture of Satan does one get from Rev? It might be interesting to use a concordance or NOAB on the R-drive to see where the word occurs in Rev. Cf. portrait of lamb (5.6) & dragon (12.3): that different?


Compare the attitude toward Rome in Rom 13.17 & 1 Pet 2.1317 with that expressed in Rev. Similar or different? What do you think about this issue, especially in the light of your own political or religious views?


What other parts of the NT does Rev remind you of?


Does Rev have any permanent value? I.e., is Rev still relevant?


Review characteristics of apocalyptic writing (Harris 39799).