REL 253: Study Guide 33

Col: NB the christology & compare it to the christologies we've seen so far. How low or high is Col's christology? What evidence is there that this is or is not by Paul?


Eph: Does it sound like Col? Same Qs as above. How does the term church seem different in Eph than in the undisputed/authentic letters of Paul? Is the Jew-Gentile issue an issue?


1 & 2 Tim & Titus: What are some common themes or concerns among these Pastorals? What are the arguments against Pauline authorship? E.g., compare Paul's instructions in 1 Cor 7 on marriage & the instructions in Titus 1 for elders.


Do you sense any tension or conflict among the passages assigned (print out the syllabus link "Who's in charge?" for class)?


What issues arise for you as interesting or significant? Be able to describe identify the issues covered.


Discern the principle behind the teaching contained in the passages.


What do you think about the gospel of freedom Paul (& the letter to the Colossians) teaches?


Do you see any echoes from the Hebrew Bible in these passages?


NB Harris 317: Are Paulís teachings on women relevant and timeless?



In all cases, be able to identify the distinctive or main theme(s) in each letter (use Harris & Study Bible intros).