REL 253: Study Guide 30

1 Thess & 1 Cor


Please review Harris as necessary (in order to get the basics of Pauline literature).


As usual, for each focus text (middle column in syllabus):

Pay attention to the surrounding context to see what Paul's point is (e.g., in the famous chapter on love, 1 Cor 13)
What kind of language does Paul use (imagery, analogy, etc.)
What's it about? what's Paul's point?
What's there & what's not there in the text (i.e., what doesn't Paul mention or talk about?)


1 Th 4.135.11: Paul's eschatology? (use annotations to find Gospel passages & compare)


What seems to be of great concern for the Thessalonians as reflected in 1 Thess 4.135.11?


Cf. Jesus' own predictions: Mk 9.1; 13.30; Mt 10.23; 16.28; 24.34; Lk 9.27 [cf 2.26])


1 Cor 13: what's love got to do with it? (what comes before chap 13 & after & what's missing?); be ready to talk about love & the love chapter.


What kinds of stuff (instructions) does Paul tell the Corinthians in 1 Cor? Why? (The latter is an advanced question in the sense that it would take more detective work than time might allow.)