REL 253: Study Guide 26

Review your notes on Brown & Charlesworth to contribute your Qs & Cs in class (see previous study guide).


Make sure you understand Harris 258–61 & boxes 12.1, 12.2 & 15.2.


What are some consequences of the different portraits we see among the gospels? What do you think? (consider, e.g., Harris 261–64.)


Does it bother you, whether you're religious or not, that there are different memories or proclamations of who Jesus was, what he did & said? How about different accounts about other people or events (e.g., biography of Lincoln—are gospels biographies in our modern sense?)?


Review Jn 19.19–20 (the sign on the cross) & the parallel passages in the other gospels. What kinds of Qs or discoveries does this exercise bring in the light of other discoveries you've made so far?


Remember the birth stories in Mt & Lk (cf. Mk & Jn). What's your response to your discoveries?


Whatever relevant Qs you might have on this very significant & complex topic would be encouraged as discussion material (e.g., specific Qs about Harris readings).