REL 253: Study Guide 24

Historical Jesus


Now that you have had some experience with comparing the 4 gospels, please review the characteristics again, as presented in Harris & through the passages we looked at in class. Perhaps helpful would be to write out your own lists of characterisitics for each of the Gospels.


As you reflect on your knowledge of the gospels & the video to formulate some Qs & Cs on the issue of Jesus (who he was, etc.), consider the following questions.


Where did you (personally) get our ideas about Jesus?

Where do we (i.e., American culture) get our ideas about Jesus?

What does the Bible actually say about Jesus?

Why are there 4 Gospel?


Having done your own review, you should take notes on the video we'll see in class, which will be an informative review of the canonical Gospels, as well as an introduction to the issue of the historical Jesus. The more you're prepared with your own review, the more you'll get out of the video.



Apostles' Creed & Nicene Creed

What do these ancient Christian creeds say about Jesus?

What do they not say about Jesus?

Cf. your answers to the above 2 Qs with what we have in the Gospels & the Infancy Gospel of Thomas.