REL 253: Study Guide 21


Welcome back!


Now back to the Gospels, where we pick up with John & his very different Gospel & very different portrait of Jesus.


Review the similarities & differences among the Synoptics.


Go through the "logos" handout, looking for the various definitions under the Roman numerals, Arabic numerals, and small letters. What kinds of meanings could this exercise suggest for John 1.118? Try reading by trying out various English possibilities for the Greek word "logos" translated usually as "word." Then read John 1.118 with "logos" instead of "word." Cf. the beginnings of the Synoptic Gospels. What do you notice in language, tone, content, etc.?


What makes the Gospel According to John distinctive? How is Jesus understood or depicted in John? How, if at all, does this knowledge affect your previous conceptions of the gospels or Jesus? Review the shaded boxes & figures in Harris & pay special attention to Harris 21216, 232.


Check a concordance (or the NOAB on the R-drive) to see how many times the word "love" appears in each of the 4 gospels. What might the results suggest about John?


How many of the characteristics listed on the Web page Jesus in Synoptics & Jn can you observe as you read/skim Jn?