REL 253: Study Guide 18




What theme is a palpable emphasis in Lk (with Lk 15.1132 as just one example) that goes beyond what the other gospels do with it?


What is Lk's vision of salvation? Any different from the other gospels'? How about its stance toward the legal tradition of the Mosaic & Davidic faith?

Lk 15.1132


Understanding Lk 15.1132 requires understanding its context (remember: hermeneutical circle?). NB the preceding parables.


Read the whole chapter & compare the 3 parables (or are there more than 3?). List (i.e., write down)  the similarities & differences, esp. in terms of form criticism and literary criticism). What would you say is the central theme (concept or word) of Lk 15 as a whole?