REL 253: Study Guide 12


Look up "fulfill" (& fulfilled, fulfilling, fulfillment) in NOAB or a Bible concordance.


If you can find the time, compare how many times the word "disciple" occurs in Mt & Lk & Mk too.


As with every Gospel, review Harris's presentation of Mt & his distinctive themes. (It helps to "empty your cup" of any knowledge of other Gospels: pretend Mt is the only Gospel you know.)


1.117 & ||s

What is the significance of Matt 1.117? Remember any other book in the Bible that begins like Matt (cf. 1 Chr 1)?

How is this different from Mark's beginning?


1.182.23 & ||s (?)

Where did Joseph & Mary live?


Pay special attention to the narratives in Matt 2. Any surprises or discoveries? Does this remind you of any characters or themes we've seen already in the biblical tradition?


Pay attention to the theme of teaching / learning / disciple. What estimation does Matt have of the disciples (cf. Mk's depiction of the disciples as less than ideal models to emulate)?


What similarities & differences are there between Mark & Matt?


Do you see any Mosaic themes? Davidic themes (from Old Testament)?