REL 212: final exam (see schedule below)

The final exam will be an oral examination covering the entire semester, including terms on the terms list and the questions listed below. You will be permitted to pass on 1 question only. You may be asked to pursue one question in depth and relate it to other issues or texts covered in the course, or we may cover 2 or more questions as time allows.

If you wish, during the exam you may use any books you bring with you (NB: you may not read from prepared answers). Caveat: time will be very precious.

The evaluation of your responses will follow the A–F scale as stipulated in the syllabus.
The more details, examples, and terms you include in your responses, the better.

For review

midterm exam (N.B. the R-drive file with answers)

focus texts

highlighted terms on R-drive

Topics you should review (see the R-drive file for more information & tips):

Questions you should be ready to answer (see the R-drive file for more information & tips):

Exam schedule

N.B. If you wish to switch times with someone, please make the arrangements and inform the instructor at your earliest convenience.

****** Please be there on time (i.e., slightly before your scheduled time).******

10 Dec 2013 (Tuesday)

1130    Chambers
1150    Colella
1210    Cozza
1230    Halpin
1250    Jung
1310    Lelansky
1330    Stahon
1350    Suchcicki