Tips from former students 

2001 spring

The best thing I could tell future students would be to not give up. This course kicked my butt and I wanted to
quit many times. I kept on going though and not only did I master most of the material, but I also proved to myself that I could do it. It’s a good feeling! SO STICK WITH IT!!!!

STUDY, STUDY, STUDY!! It works so well if you study in a group or with someone else. Also, don’t go in to the
class with a bad attitude. Even though some people say it is really hard, it’s not if you put time into it! Go to
every class, not only does that help your grade but there is always something important said in class … there’s
never a boring day when you sit in class for an hour and do absolutely nothing. You can miss something that is
very important and just copying someone’s notes won’t help much. One last thing …try your hardest … this
class is a valuable learning experience. It may test you, but you’ll come out on top!

Take time to smell the roses and reflect on what you READ!!! That is a very important study habit not to break…
If you should fall behind or do not understand the questions presented in class, see Dr. Na. He’ll talk you thru
the topics and help you with all the information.

2. Going to EVERY class is very helpful for a higher grade. (if you want a high/good grade)
3. Don't rely too heavily on previous ideas/thoughts/beliefs.
4. Don't be scared … it's not that bad!